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        Emma Canton thought she had found her true love in Joshua Reed, a kind-hearted veterinarian who shared her passion for animals. But when her ex-boyfriend wealthy internet mogul Preston Burke returns to his roots in her hometown of North Conway, New Hampshire, Her world turns upside down. 

       He left Emma ten years ago to pursue his career. He married Kashmir Rollins, an aging movie star with a history of addiction, scandals, and rehab. But after a messy divorce and a mysterious incident involving Kashmir’s red Ferrari Miami Detective Cabello gets involved and digs for the truth.

        Emma is torn between her loyalty to Joshua and her heart lost in the past with Preston. She soon discovers that Preston is hiding a painful secret. As Emma struggles to make a choice between the two men, she is haunted by nightmares of Kashmir telling her she is next. Emma realizes that she is caught in a web of deception, and betrayal that could destroy her happiness.

       Will Emma find her true love in Joshua or Preston? Or will she lose them both to lies and deceit? A suspenseful romance novel that will keep you guessing until the end.


                            Some stories have a fairy tale ending. I will let you decide if that ending finds Emma

You Left Me Once

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