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About Me

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   Stories are begging to be told. You just have to listen.

"Reading can take you to places and meet people you could have dreamed of! "


Hey everyone!

     I'm back and better than ever! After 3-year hiatus after I moved.  I'm excited to announce that I've been writing new books and there are more on the horizon! For those who don't know me,' I have always loved telling tales!

     After being told countless times I need to write fictional books I was inspired when I stumbled upon an abandoned antebellum mansion in Edenton, North Carolina. That was the beginning of my exciting writing journey. the book started out as a trilogy and was a huge success and I even got invited to attend a two-day event at the mansion!


     Since then, I've had more book signings and events that have been amazing successes. I'm also an accomplished artist, interior designer, and muralist and I love weaving my passions into my stories. I promise you will fall in love, cry, laugh, as you turn the pages!

Let's keep the success going!

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