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About me

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   Stories are begging to be told. You just have to listen.

"Reading can take you to places and meet people you could have dreamed of! "

     Some of you may have read my books and many have asked for more! I took a 3-year hiatus due to moving twice and renovating my latest home. It was an arduous task, but I finished! My fingers have been itching to find the keyboard, I am excited to have been writing new books and more on the way! Those who do not know me, here you go,

    I love telling stories even in childhood (much to my parent’s disapproval), I came upon an abandoned antebellum mansion in Edenton, North Carolina.  Calling her, its very walls begged her to tell its tale. To satisfy her highly creative imagination – along with requests from friends and family to write about the taunting mansion


     When the owners of the mansion discovered I had written a trilogy using the mansion as the main character, they invited me to attend a two-day event (Their bi-annual Pilgrimage) as a guest in the mansion. The Women’s Club of Edenton, North Carolina ran it.  It was a remarkable success. I sold more than one hundred copies of the first book in the saga.  I ran out of books and had to take orders.


     Back at home, I was asked by a store owner in her small town to do a Mother’s Day event, which was wonderful – another book success! Next, the local Women’s Club requested that I do a book signing at their annual fundraiser tea party. A portion of the proceeds would go to help woman’s self-help programs. At this event, they drank tea in Victorian cups and ate delicate pastries. I gave away twelve vintage rose patterned teacups to the first twelve buyers of her books and led a question-and-answer session. It was another amazing success.


      I am also an accomplished trained artist, Interior designer, and muralist. She taught art and volunteered for her town’s annual Parade and Holiday Festivals.

I see stories everywhere and using my, wild imagination, I weave my interior design passion, artist talents, and work ethic into my stories.



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