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Yes, we know they are fictional, or are they? While on vacation on North Carolina's Hatteras Island, Washington, D.C. publicist, Caroline Woodard will discover mermaid magic after crossing the threshold of the rustic oceanfront cottage on Hatteras Island that brings with it generations of tradition. It's more than dipping her toes in the silky sand and watching the sunrise over the Atlantic. It is a celebration of love and mystery going back to 1939. It was then the mermaid sisterhood began. After a hurricane brushed the shores of Hatteras, Great Aunt Ida found a bottle bopping in the waves which led to the current-day tradition. A crown of seashells was created and the search for a mermaid named Seraphina began.

Caroline’s client Senator Colton Jameson is the front runner in the upcoming presidential election. Despite her romantic past with the senator, she feels herself drawn to a man she bumps into at the local coffee shop. Caroline knows she can’t live her life for other people and needs to follow her heart and not on being the First Lady.  

As her vacation comes to an end, she will always carry with her the magic and secrets of mermaid sisterhood and the love of the Beach Heart Cottage.

I invite you to cross the threshold and enter the enchanting world of mermaids and discover the power of tradition, love, and magic that swims beneath the waves on Hatteras Island.


Beach Heart Cottage

  • The book is 334 pages.

  • Please allow 4-5 business days via USPS.

    Thank you and enjoy vacationing with the sisterhood at the Beach Heart Cottage! 

    Just Believe

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