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    Hi, it's Diana,
     Just a quick intro hello to any of you looking to escape the chaos of this world. I may have some wonderful distractions.
     Whether it be in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, the sultry heat of Miami, the cozy romantic white mountains of New Hampshire, the hustle of New York City, or how about a rustic cottage on Hatteras Island, North Carolina where a sisterhood of women celebrate life?  
     I promise you that my stories and alumni of characters will not only keep you entertained, but you will also fall in love with them.


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       Mermaids! Yes, we know they are fictional or are they?  While on vacation on North Carolina's Hatteras Island, Washington, D.C. publicist, Caroline Woodard will discover mermaid magic after crossing the threshold of the rustic oceanfront cottage on Hatteras Island that brings with it generations of tradition. It's more than dipping her toes in the silky sand and watching the sunrise over the Atlantic. It is a celebration of love and mystery going back to 1939. It was then the mermaid sisterhood began after a hurricane brushed the shores of Hatteras. Great Aunt Ida found a bottle bopping in the waves which led to the current-day tradition. It was then the crown of seashells was created and the search for a mermaid named Seraphina.

       Caroline’s client Senator Colton Jameson is not only the front runner in the upcoming presidential election, but they also had a past. Her mind is on her client not on being the First Lady.  Caroline's vacation on the ribbon of sand takes her heart on a journey much like a rogue wave when she bumps into a new neighbor, Dillan.

       It is under the full moon as the sparks of a bonfire meet the stars, and the women crown the newest mermaid. As they dance around the flames in celebration dressed in vintage mermaid costumes, the magic in the balmy breezes of Hatteras begins. It is then Caroline finds where her heart belongs.

       Perhaps Seraphina does exist, and she sings over the tips of the Hatteras waves. If you listen, you may hear the siren sing.

                                       YOU LEFT ME ONCE. 
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What do you do when your heart is in the present but still lost in the past?

The answer is not easy. In fact, it can be painfully confusing.



       Hollywood’s aging femme fatale, academy award-winning actress Kashmir Rollins is no stranger to addictions, outrageous behavior, and rehab. She is divorcing her second husband internet shopping mogul Preston Burke, ten years her junior. In the middle of shooting her latest film in Miami, Kashmir rushes off to her divorce attorney for a meeting. With the pending high-stakes divorce, tempers are high.

      In a foolish moment, everyone’s life will be instantly changed. This brings soon-to-retire Miami Detective Cabello to dig into the case, turning Preston’s life upside down. Why did Preston buy the red Ferrari at auction? His high-powered attorney Jackson Rula holds the answers.

       Preston returns to his childhood home in New Hampshire's White Mountains, surprising his first love, Emma Canton.  Preston reminds Emma the world is an oyster if she finds her heart back with him. There is one problem. Her boyfriend, local veterinarian Joshua Reed, finds himself in the middle of a complex web. Emma's heart is with Joshua, but her body is hard to resist Preston. Emma will discover Preston is not the man he once was and there will be consequences. Her dreams turn into nightmares filled with terror as Kashmir warns her, "You're next." Next for what?

       Did Preston intrude on Emma’s heart using his charms to gain an heir? He knows of his destiny and maybe he genuinely loves her. Where does big-hearted Joshua land in this twisted plot? That is a hard question to answer as the detective is closing in on Preston.

                            Some stories have a fairy tale ending. I will let you decide if that ending finds Emma.

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All material copywritten                                Diana Baxter                            Ethereal Winged Publishing

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