"Just like a heart, a flower needs tender care and must be nourished to stay in bloom."
DuBois Manor  

Edenport's - Tainted Glass

Edenport's - DuBois Manor

Edenport's - Windswept at Sea

Book 1 in Family Saga

Reviews:  OMG, I was hooked from page one. I can't wait to read Book 2 





Book 2 in Family Saga

A page turner for sure! Wow, fast read with many twists and turns!





Book 3 in Family Saga

It was so much fun following Amanda and her family. LOVE this book. Book 4?





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                                       A few of the many reviews! 



"Hey everybody.. I finished the trilogy and Diana's DuBois Manor books are the best books I've read in a long time. They grabbed me in the first book and I couldn't wait to get to the next one. She is so talented that I actually felt like part if the family. If you want to read books that will captivate you and keep you on the edge if your seat read the DuBois Manor series."

Jennine Potoczek, Connecticut

Maryann Hooper wrote " I've read DuBois Manor and LOVED IT! Now I'm taking the journey on Windswept, and it just keeps getting better and better!!! What a great writer you are Diana! Looking forward to Tainted Glass!

We need to get the word out about these books! You're such a great writer and people need to know where to look if they're looking for a great read!"

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"I want to thank you for writing DuBois Manor.  Diana Baxter, I could not put it down!  I think my husband actually was a little mad at you and himself for me finding this book.  I just finished it looking like a complete fool crying on the train.  J  Great book!  I loved it!  I have actually told a bunch of my friends to read it.  However, I have a HUGE problem J I need to start Windswept at Sea - The sequel and I cannot purchase it!  L  This is torture! J  " 

Best regards,
Julie H. Cosenza


"Dubois manor I did finish this book within a week started on book two already up to chapter five I enjoyed the first book immensely. You did a fantastic job explaining Dubois manor  I could just close my eyes and picture everything in my mind. The brilliant picturesque house, the flowing river, the smell of the outside and the breeze from the wind. Also the unique characters that lived during that time both young and old. The trials and tribulations these characters succumbed to in their life time was true brilliance. It made me laugh, cry and at times get mad and frustration set in . Overall the book kept me interested and wanting to keep reading a real page turner." Judy W.

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