Just A Few Reader Reviews - DuBois Manor



"Wow, this is how I picture DuBois Manor!  I love lilacs and roses and you being so descriptive in your writing.  I could smell and picture everything you describe about them.  And yes gold butterflies now have a whole new meaning! 

   I cannot wait to read Windswept at Sea!  I have told all my friends and this woman over heard me talking about your book and asked me about it so that she can share it with her book club group.  I am getting the word out."  Julie C.



" I fell in love with DuBois Manor and all the people who lived, visited and dwelled there. I could not put this book down because of the many twists. It was the book you never want to end and was happy to learn there is a sequel, Windswept at Sea. I will be ordering it today." ~ Rochelle Schwartz   


"I really enjoyed the journey reading DuBois Manor. This book is so well written and Diana paints a clear image of all the characters and their personalities. She adds in such vivid details and gives you a pure image of the surroundings, that you feel as if you are there in the moment and you don't want to leave. I felt so many different emotions for each character, some much more then others. I don't want the journey end and I can't wait to read the sequel!"  Mary Ann Hooper


"Wow,  I could not put it down!  I think my husband actually was a little mad at you and himself for telling me about this book.  I just finished it looking like a complete fool crying on the train.  J  Great book!  I loved it!  I have actually told a bunch of my friends to read it.  However, I have a HUGE problem J I need to start Windswept at Sea - The sequel and I cannot purchase it!   This is torture!" Jules Cosenza


July 15, 2015

    • Jennine Zoda on Facebook:  I just finished Dubois Manor and OMG I could not  put it down. Diana writes with such beautiful detail they I felt like I was experiencing every trial and tribulation the Dubois sisters lived through. I loved it and cannot wait to start her next book in the trilogy. Really great writing. Diana is a very gifted storyteller!!!



June 20th 2015, "Your husband took our picture with his cell phone at Edenton book signing. I had black hair and a flower top on. I love the book. such a great story I wanted to stay up all night and read it.  Great story line cant wait to continue reading, I will give one of the books to my friend that was with me that day. Just send the ones when you can.  love reading.  your a great author.  thank you joann"



Reader  Reviews - Windswept at Sea


"Captivating, intriguing, mesmerizing, suspenseful!!!!!  Absolutely excellent!!!  

I could not put it down and it really annoyed my train friends because I completely ignored them!

DuBois Manor was amazing!  Windswept was just as amazing! You are the greatest writer!!!  Now I need to read Tainted Glass!  ;)  This is the best trilogy! "  Jules Cosenza


"Hi diana, oh my word i have finished windswept and i could not put it down,what a great book and the ending killed me i need the other book quick...lol.. but really what a great book and series.  I love to read your books.  Keep up the great work.  have a great day."

Joann Reynolds 


" I am really into Windswept. Love it!!! I am almost done. I am at the part where the government wants to use their ships.

Then today I just finished the book...it was great!!! Didn't end how I thought it would, but I know the next one will be just as good as DuBois Manor." 

Loretta B.


"I just finished reading Windswept and thought it was great.  You certainly kept me wanting to read more.  I am looking forward to reading your next book.  You write as good as you decorate.  I always knew you were very creative and it shows through in your writings.  Keep in touch and let me know when Tainted Glass  comes out."

 Joan Binachi., CT  




Recent PRE-RELEASE review 5 stars!!!  Maryann Hooper, Wenonah, NJ says, " What a great sequel! I absolutely LOVED this book. I fell in love reading DuBois Manor and Windswept at Sea and couldn't wait to read Tainted Glass. Well, you know the saying "Save the best for last"? Diana has truly saved the best in this sequel Tainted Glass. From the moment I opened the book, I knew that this was going to be a fun book to read. Amanda, her father Lincoln and her psychic mother Lillian were my favorite characters in this book.

   OMG! Lincoln and Lillian are a divorced couple and are such a riot together. Amanda takes over her father's famous architect firm in New York City. She has a ton of ambition and has risen to the top in historical preservation. You will just fall in love with her. Her ex-fiancĂ© finds a gorgeous piece of glass at an auction that Amanda cannot resist. And so the journey begins! And boy does it get good!!! Let's just say you take a journey to the north and south and you won't want to return. 

   The book is full of romance, laughter, history and paranormal undertones, with many twist and turns. I loved reading Tainted Glass and the journey this trilogy took me on. When I was finished, I cried my eyes out because I didn't want the saga to end. And you will too!"