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How do my stories find me?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Pembroke Hall, Edenton, NC - I fell in love then and always will.

This is the inspiration that started my writing career.

“The moment we walked down that street, I knew there was something special over the small knoll."

It was a hot, I mean hot, humid summer August day when we took a drive to a town, we saw in a realtor magazine. Edenton, North Carolina. Photos of beautiful historical mansions lining the waterfront. It was a relief given not only the salt, sand, and sea of Hatteras, we had a house full of family, friends and dogs staying for 2 weeks. (Sorry if one of you are reading this!) We needed a break; we do love you.

After stopping in a few shops and a wine tasting, I thought it was free so heck, I had a few. Hubby did pay. Anyway, I took a dreamy stroll down a street lined with stunning homes one side and the bay on the other. As I neared the corner, I noticed a set of tired concrete stairs nearly overcome with thorns. I had to explore and make my way up them. There it was, tired, battered, peeling and silent. Pembroke Hall.

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