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Finding Inspiration

Welcome to my blog!

Some of you may have read my trilogy, DuBois Manor. (Thank you!) That seems so long ago. It was! Then life for me got in the way of my writing and INSPIRATION was foreign! DuBois Manor has been shelved and as if sleeping beauty, it's in a restful slumber. Well, not for long. Coming soon, a rewritten version, CYPRESS COVE will wake up and inspire readers.

"Sometimes we get too busy to stop, breathe and listen."

Three years ago, we loaded the SUV and a 26ft long U-Haul and moved from Connecticut to North Carolina. After the sale of our home, we had to rent for 2 months in CT then pack it up again. With excitement at 5 a.m. many cups of coffee, donuts, a bittersweet goodbye, a screaming cat, panting dog and a few wrong turns (U hauls can't drive on a few roads!) We made our journey to the Outer Banks. Wow, I get tired thinking of that and a few chuckles.

The loud 'she screamed all the way' cat had escaped her crate, and in the blink of an eye somehow the dog opened the back window in the SUV on 64 in Virginia Beach. The cat, having had enough, tried to jump out, YIKES!! I am screaming while driving in the middle lane of rushing traffic. My dog is barking, my son unbuckles and reaches in back, gives her tail a yank as she is about to jump into traffic as I'm trying to get off our exit with a semi-truck on my rear. Whew. With shaking hands and a thumping heart, we made it off the exit.

My husband and a friend were in the U Haul miles ahead clueless to our peril talking baseball or stocks, I am sure. At some point, we lost them somewhere in Virginia! We had walkie talkies. I am not sure why since we have cell phones. They felt like truckers on CB radios, I am not sure and decided never to question recently retired men!

In the end, we all rolled into the driveway relieved and looked up at our new home, Or I should say, journey. YES.

3-Years flew by


We are blessed to now live by the sea. Amazing smiling sunrises and amber healing sunsets that sink into the sound waters is what most can say is inspiration. I had an opposite reaction. The sale of the last home, the move, and the arduous task of RENOVATIONS were taking a toll. Oh, my mind had authored many new books, but my fingers could not find the keyboard. My creative writing brain when into white noise. Then a slip down the stairs in my flip flops shut me down. Flip flops and stairs are not a good combination at any age. Sitting became difficult with back pain. Yes. I got hurt and worse, I was living in a house being torn apart in renos.

Some of you may know I had an interior design business for 15 years. Working closely with clients in their bathrooms, kitchens, new constructions and so on. I was able to write back then since I could come home and find peace. After the move, my mind exited writing and was fully dedicated to this house. Oh, how this house keeps my mind and body busy and sore!


It's Time

Whew, we are at the end of renovations, and I feel lighter. No painting, tiling, sheetrock dust, hammering, workers, and dysfunction Not a day goes by that I am not conjuring up a new story. The best part, my fingers are finding the keyboard once again! I do have 4 new books I wrote while in Connecticut I will release over the next several months and the rerelease of Cypress Cove, a three-book family saga.

I now get up early, enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise, inhale the briny air, sit for a light meditation, and breathe, I listen to the breezes carried in by the ocean. It was only last week a voice was carried in by a gentle breeze whispering, it's time.

So here I am, sitting at the keyboard building a website, writing a blog, and working on my latest novel, THE BEACHHEART COTTAGE!

Before I leave this blog, I want to thank my family, friends and readers who have supported me not only in my former design career but in my writing. Especially those of you who read the DuBois Manor trilogy. Reading reviews is what inspires me to write more. I have learned so much on this journey!

I urge anyone who feels derailed from their craft to not get frustrated. There is a reason and a season. I was hibernating in winter and now spring is here in my creative heart!

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