Windswept at Sea                           Diana Baxter

Chapter 3

Ouch, that damned cork


       “This is astounding Teddy.” Mesmerized, Charlotte gazed around the Parisian room engrossing every minute detail. “I’m glad I missed the tour. I now I get a personal one.”

      “There is a stage for performers back at the end of the room.” Teddy boasted drumming his fingers on the colorful inlaid glass bar top.

       “Can’t wait to see it," Charlotte said as her eyes peered at the dim lit area.

       “Well, now Miss Charlotte, I’ll have to show y’all after we have a toast. We had it designed after a famous Parisian dance hall, Moulin Rouge.” Teddy stated.

      Charlotte scanned the room honing on the back of the spacious room into a dimly lit area. “I sure would love to get a tour. All I see now is a flicker in the sea of dark tables.”

      "It has a curved wood stage with overhead lighting and a perfect replica of the historic stage in Paris.” J.W.  chimed in to explain as Charlotte as she listened, entranced. “In fact, I believe the electricians were making final touches in here just today.”       The stage had two scenes that could be transformed. One was of the back gardens of the old w,” J.W. murmured.

manor house and the other was a Parisian street scene. Thick stately columns and volumes of swags of midnight blue, velvet curtains were tied back with braided gold ropes that draped following the contours of the curved stage. Dozens of intimate café tables with midnight blue tablecloths, each with a solitary candle, were scattered about the room.  In the distance, the stage lights cast a hazy, gold glow allowing the large crystal chandeliers to shimmer as they gently swayed.

        “All I can see, are the dim lights and outline of the stage,” Charlotte squinted moving her head side to side.

       “Tonight I will have it all lit up for us after dinner! How about that, everyone"  

       “I say we have that toast now!” suggested J.W. 

       The bar server brought out two chilled bottles and placed them in silver buckets

Teddy had pre-selected. It was

he server placed four crystal

champagne glasses and

one small glass of juice

for Lizzy on the glass

bar counter.

       “I sure

wish your

brother Edward

was on


Windswept at Sea