English Tea- 




Where:   The Newtown Country Club, Newtown CT.  2 Country Club Road

$16 per person.

12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Please call Margot Hall @ (203) 426-9101


   Sit down and have a cup of  English Tea     along with homemade scones, muffins, and cucumber sandwiches.

There will be a raffle giving away my Trilogy, DuBois Manor in paperback.

   We will have a few laughs and discuss what inspires

me to write and I will also get you inspired!

Join me on January 14th, at 12 til 2:00 pm

Sponsored by Newtown women's club. They  raise funds all year then donate to the community

BOOK SIGNING  at         HISTORIC PEMBROKE HALL. First stop on my  2-day book signing at Pembroke Hall. The home that inspired the DuBois Manor trilogy,  April 17-18,  10-4 p.m 2015 at Historic Edenton, NC. I was honored and so welcomed.  I held the signing in the Library at the grand stately historic, PEMBROKE HALL.

"The book signing was a great success! I sold out the first day and took orders! Just want to share some of my wonderful day with you"

Guests tour 12-15 of Edenton’s finest private homes, all at least 100 years old, hosted by docents in period costume. This event has been a North Carolina tradition since 1949, presented biennially. Horse-drawn carriage rides, concerts, lectures, exhibits, special meals, and much more will be a part of the festivities. The public historic sites are open with special events at no charge.

For more info and photos of past tours, go to the Edenton Pilgrimage website.

To purchase tickets for the April 2015 tour, go here.


Time:   10 am-4pm

Fee:$25 in advance/$30 day of/groups of 20 or more $20 each



Website:  http://edentonpilgrimage.org/index.php

ANOTHER BOOK SIGNING AT THE GARDEN OF READIN located at E. King street in Edenton for a meet and greet and drop off books.  Elizabeth, the owner, is so sweet!! A cozy book store and Tea room to relax and read.  Psst... And, we sold out. Give Elizabeth a call to learn more. (252)482-7323

            The Top of the Mountain

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Newtown author Diana Baxter was at Pembroke Hall in Edenton, N.C., April 17 and 18, to promote her book, Dubois Manor. The book, one of a generational family saga trilogy, is set in a home inspired by Pembroke Hall. Ms Baxter will be at Queen Street Gifts & Treats for a book signing of the special limited cover edition of Dubois Manor, May 9.

A 1900 photo of Pembroke Hall in Edenton, N.C. graces the cover of the limited cover edition of Dubois Manor, created for a special Edenton spring celebration.

Newtown author, Diana Baxter, will be at Queen Street Gifts & Treats, 3 Queen Street in Newtown, on Saturday, May 9, from 3 to 5 pm, for a book signing of her recently revised and republished novel, Dubois Manor. The book, part of a trilogy centered on a fictional southern family, was the first of the series, originally published in 2012.

Inspired by the abandoned Pembroke Hall mansion she came across in Edenton, N.C., while on vacation in 2008, Ms Baxter dove into writing, imaging the mansion in its glory days of the late 1800s, as the setting for the first of three books. Dubois Manor introduces readers to the wealthy but troubled Dubois family in the romance/suspense series, continuing the saga through Windswept at Sea and the final book, Tainted Glass.

Ms Baxter was thrilled last year to return to Edenton, where she found that members of the community had purchased Pembroke Hall and restored the home.

“The community there is tight-knit and has such pride in its homes. Pembroke Hall is very special to them,” she said. The mansion is currently used as a venue for special events. Hoping to receive permission to use images of the refurbished “Dubois Manor” for a book cover, Ms Baxter contacted the Women’s Club in that town, last fall. While legal issues prevented them from granting her permission to use photographs of the house, she did end up with an invitation.

The events coordinator for Pembroke Hall was intrigued by Ms Baxter’s description of her books, and asked for a copy of Dubois Manor. Within two weeks, Ms Baxter was invited to take part in the Edenton “Pilgrimage,” an annual spring gala.

On April 17 and 18, she found herself set up in the library of the restored mansion that had set her on the path to authorship, speaking and signing copies of Dubois Manor. The town had allowed her to create a limited edition cover for that book, featuring a photograph of Pembroke Hall from 1900.

Promotional material for the Pilgrimage featured Dubois Manor and its author, creating an interest before the doors opened for the first day of the book signing.

“I sold out of all 50 books I had brought with me in the first day,” said Ms Baxter, “and took orders for more. It was thrilling. The place is so beautiful now. It was so much fun, I didn’t want to come home.”

She did return to Newtown, though, and is excited to present her first local book signing here. Copies of the book, with the limited edition cover, will be available for purchase at Queen Street Gifts & Treats.

Queen Street Gifts & Treats owner Mary Wilson said that she started chatting with Ms Baxter, a customer,  one day last month.

“We hit it off and she told me what she was doing, and about the book signing in Edenton,” Ms Wilson said. Edenton sounded familiar to the gift shop owner, and she realized that she carries a line of handcrafted earrings from an artist in that town. She was more than a little surprised when Ms Baxter stopped back in after her visit to North Carolina, and told her that it had turned out that the earring designer lived in the house next to where she had stayed.

“Isn’t that something?” laughed Ms Wilson.

“We love local authors and artists, so having Diana here will help promote a local author here in Newtown,” Ms Wilson said. Queen Street Gifts & Treats will provided iced tea and southern sweet tea, as well as samples of treats from the store, including rum cake and sea salt caramels during Saturday’s special event.

Although the trials of the Dubois family are wrapped up in book three, Ms Baxter has not put down her pen. Scheduled for release in mid- to late June of this year is her latest work, Mosaic Mermaid. This murder/thriller is set in the 1960s era Berkshires of Massachusetts, and is based on actual events that occurred there.

“I’ve learned so much about self publishing since the first edition of Dubois Manor,” Ms Baxter said. She recommends finding an editor, and avid honest readers to serve as reviewers. It is thanks to the input from a reviewer that she decided to revise and republish Dubois Manor, she said.

“Once you upload that manuscript, you better be sure it’s ready, and that everything is in PDF format,” she cautioned.

The Dubois trilogy can be purchased online at www.dianabaxternovels.com, where signed copies are available; or at www.amazon.com. They are also available as Kindle e-books.

“Mary [Wilson] at Queen Street took me by surprise by asking me to do the book signing. I’m looking forward to it,” said Ms Baxter.

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New author Diana Baxter sits at her computer, where she has found she is as happy learning the craft of publishing as she is writing the tales that pour out of her. —Bee Photo, CrevierNot only is Newtown resident Diana Baxter a new author, she is also a new writer. "I've always been a story teller — and let me tell you, I got in trouble for that growing up — and people have been telling me for years that I need to write a book. But I never thought of myself as an author, until this came along," said Ms Baxter."This" is her first novel, DuBois Manor, published this month by her company, Ethereal Wing Books, through Amazon.com. The story was inspired by an abandoned mansion she stumbled upon during a vacation in North Carolina in 2009. "I came home and the novel began to pour out of me," said Ms Baxter. "The characters just came alive."But her interior design and decorating business was still going full steam, and after the initial burst of words, Ms Baxter, who has spent her entire adult life painting and decorating, set the book aside. The manuscript kept falling off of the shelf where she was storing it, though, frequently enough that a year ago she picked it up one day and decided to finish it."I was done with the decorating business, and this book just needed to be written," said Ms Baxter. DuBois Manor is the first of a trilogy that is "a little bit of everything. There's murder, mystery, love and betrayal, with some paranormal undertones," she said. In this first novel, readers meet Annabelle and Olivia, members of a family of shipping merchants, living in a fictional waterfront town in North Carolina in 1890. The story follows their lives and the family curse that plagues them."Olivia Marie DuBois, age 36, was the oldest of their two daughters. Her hair was a dark, alluring auburn, and she was shorter in stature than her sister. Olivia had a few freckles from the Carolina sun and a voluptuous figure she enjoyed showing off. Her full lips, seductive smile and pointy nose enticed most men… Her fearlessness and attitude told you who was in charge. Olivia was demanding, knew what she wanted and always won in the end, no matter the cost.

Photo: Steve Baxter

Newtown author Diana Baxter was at Pembroke Hall in Edenton, S.C., April 17 and 18, to promote her book, Dubois Manor. The book, one of a generational family saga trilogy, is set in a home inspired by Pembroke Hall. Ms Baxter will be at Queen Street Gifts & Treats for a book signing of the special limited cover edition of Dubois Manor, May 9.


Friday, February 27, 2015


Sandy Hook resident Diana Baxter, author of a series of romance/suspense novels (DuBois Manor, Windswept, and the soon to be released Tainted Glass) centered around a fictionalized version of an actual mansion in North Carolina, has been invited to take part in a two-day book signing in that Southern mansion. “The mansion is rented out for venues, and twice a year they hold this huge tourism event,” Diana tells me. After the event manager read copies of the book, our local author was invited to the Winter Gala. She was unable to attend that event, but will be attending the one in late April. “Two to three thousand people come from all over — even Europe — to tour the waterfront town in North Carolina, and 12 homes. I will be in Pembroke Hall [the real DuBois Manor] in the library,” she says, and she and her husband will be guests in a resident’s cottage. “They are so excited to have me down there. I even changed the book cover to the home’s original look.” Diana received permission for this new look, and the book signing will feature a photo of the mansion from 1910, a limited edition only of the book. Best of all, she says, she gets to dress in period attire. Diana was initially inspired to write her first novel after stumbling upon the mansion in 2009, when visiting Edenton, N.C., and getting some strange vibes from the place. Not surprising: Diana says that the mansion, which has been on the market for years has tales to tell.  So if a trip down South looks inviting to you after every one of these snowy, freezing days, maybe you want to check out Diana’s page, with a link to the event. Go to www.dianabaxternovels.com to find out more.  

By Nancy K. Crevier,  The Newtown Bee
























'Dubois Manor' Book Signing Planned At Queen Street Gifts & Treats By Nancy K. Crevier - The Newtown Bee