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     It’s 1890,  wealthy dreamer, Annabelle DuBois, resides in the prosperous waterfront town of Edenport, North Carolina .  The daughter of a shipping tycoon. Her handpicked husband, Jonathan Taylor, 30-years her senior, is now at the helm of the empire. It is a marriage of business, not love.

    Annabelle’s spirited sister Olivia, and her son, the move back in the manor.  Olivia’s abusive husband, Adam Fallsworth, the co-owner of the company and a venomous alcoholic frequently squanders company profits at local Brothels. This needs to stop. It will test the sisters’ yearning for love along with placing them in mortal danger.

    Annabelle weathers storms not unlike those that tossed the seas their merchant ships traveled. Unbeknownst to everyone, the magnificent stained-glass panels with their angelic depiction atop DuBois manors staircase keeps a vigilant eye on them.

     Little did they know; a dormant vicious curse was placed on the family and stained-glass that will last generations.  As if a seed that had a chance to sprout, it will slowly awakens destroying who and what it can. This leaves Jonathan risking it all to preserve the DuBois legacy for generations.


   It’s 1914 and the doors of DuBois Manor open to welcome a new generation. As each rusty nail was pried off brilliant light began to flood in. Allowing the stained glass once again waltzed at sunset. 

   Up in the stale attic, remnants of the past are tucked in Annabelle’s beloved diary. The ink will reveal all and who 'she' is.

   J.W. and Teddy,  launch the first American trans-Atlantic luxury liner, Windswept at Sea. Her stately beauty and majestic presence far outweigh any other ocean liner of her time. Her travels do not sail without conflict especially when a renowned Parisian Burlesque dancer, Ava Tryst, is on board.

   Curious Charlotte Dresmere and worrisome Julia, the wives of the sons, find themselves consumed in Annabelle’s diaries that reveal the frightening truth. The inquiring pair embark on a whirlwind journey to uncover what was best left a dark secret.

    Julia finds herself caught in a journey that will plunge her into an obscure world that will destroy all who chase it. For Charlotte, it’s an adventure into the abysmal swamps of Louisiana inhabited with swamp magic and a wicked voodoo witch.

   World War 1 interrupts this time of progress and achievement for DuBois shipping as will temptations and reckless trysts tainted with sins of the past. This will haunt the family for generations to come.


      Book 3 present day in the family saga


            Renowned historical preservation Architect, Amanda Bresnan, works and resides in New York City. Amanda’s search for a client leads her to a treasure trove at an auction warehouse.  It is more than she bargained for when she learns the auction house is owned by her ex- fiancé, Jason. Unknowingly, he leads her into a newfangled world after she discovers the tainted stained glass from DuBois Manor is going on the auction block.

   The glass had been sitting idle in a carriage belonging to Sea Mist, in Newport, Rhode Island. Some say the glass wept at night. Some say she needs to breathe light. While others, stayed away.

   Amanda’s peculiar encounters with a new intern in her office, LaVinia, set her off on her un-expected paranormal journey whirling her into a bygone era. This opens her mind and heart causing her to plunge into a world of crystal balls, séances, and haunting visions.

   With her intuitive-physic mother, Lillian, along with her father, Lincoln, also an Architect, she will be led on a tumultuous journey. 

   Her accidental encounter with Bryant,  will further expose the wounds of the past.  His family’s bloodline embraces the key to unlock and heal the curse.