Diana Baxter, who loved telling stories even in childhood (much to her mother’s disapproval), came upon an abandoned antebellum mansion in Edenton, North Carolina. Calling to her, its very walls begged her to tell its tale.


     To satisfy her highly creative imagination – along with requests from friends and family to write about the mansion – she did. And printed it, giving it out to anyone who wanted a copy. They wound up passing it on to their friends and their families. And then there were two more books about the family who had come out of the past.

     When the owners of the mansion discovered Diana had written a trilogy using the mansion as the main character, they invited her to attend a two-day event as a guest in the mansion. It was run by the Women’s Club of Edenton to raise funds for the community. Diana had more books printed. It was a great success; she sold more than 100 copies of the first book on day one. Diana actually ran out of books and had to take orders.


     Next, the Newtown Women’s Club requested that Diana do a book signing at their annual fundraiser tea party. A portion of the proceeds would go to help woman’s self-help programs. At this event, they drank tea in Victorian cups and ate delicate pastries. Diana gave away 12 vintage rose patterned teacups to the first 12 buyers of her books and led a question and answer session. It was another amazing success.

     Diana, who sees stories everywhere, kept writing,  Stories are out there begging to be told; you just have to listen.”